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Brief introduction of Jiuri Mountain

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      Jiuri Mountain is situated in the north bank of Jinxi,Jinjiang.There are three peak separation, the mountain looks pretty fascinating. The Yanfu Temple was founded at the foot of the mountain in ninth year of the Taikang Period of Early Jin Dynasty (288 A.D.).Jiuri Mountain got its name after the Hakka migratory journey, when the original immigrants living in Jinjiang climbed the mountain to miss their hometown every Double Ninth Festival. During the Southern Dynasties, an Indian eminent monk called Gunarata translated the scriptures here,and afterwards he returned home from abroad by sea. During the Tang Dynasty, a poet named Qinxi, a famous prime minister named Jiang Gongfu and a scholar named Han Wo inhabited here one after another.Places of interest such as the Stone Buddha Rock, the Jinxi Bridge and the King Tongyuan  Temple came into being one by one. It gradually became a Southern Quanzhou resort for tourism and praying for the favorable wind. Nowadays there are seventy-seven square inscriptions on precipices on the mountain, of which thirteen square stone inscriptions are about overseas transportation and praying for the favorable wind,four square stone inscriptions are on the eastern peak, nine square stone inscriptions are on the western peak. Two grand ceremonies of praying to the wind were recorded in the inscriptions. It is especially precious that Jiuri Mountain has become a historical site for developing the sea trade and friendship between China and all the countries across Asia and Africa. It was declared as the third key culture relics protection site by the State Council in 1988

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