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traffic information

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The Qingyuan Mountain is about 20km far from Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport, approximately 35min by car.

The Fuzhou Changle International Airport is about 200km far from Quanzhou (Quanzhou-Xiamen Freeway), approximately 2.5h by car.

The Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is about 85km far from Quanzhou (Fuzhou-Quanzhou Freeway), approximately 1.5h by car.



High-speed Train Station

The Quanzhou High-speed Train Station is about 4km far from the main scenic spot of Qingyuan Mountain, approximately 10min by car.




 The north exit of Quanzhou beltway freeway is 5.8km away from Qingyuan Mountain Scenic Spot.

The Quanzhou exit of Shenhai freeway is 10.6km away from Qingyuan Mountain.




Bus Routes




 Self-driving tour routes: (please click the map, and it will automatically jump to the navigation page)



Introduction to scenic area

A brief introduction of tourist area

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